Highly Specialised Workshops

Deadly Nifty Moves!
Loving all pole moves, but having trouble lifting? This workshop is designed to show you moves from the floor and in the air to get your core and other muscles kicking in! No swings or jumps allowed just controlled lifts. One of Miriam’s signature performance moves is the deadlift to handspring position with lots of creative leg work and repetition to boot! You will learn safe spotting techniques along the way and partner assisted training to make your work out more efficient.

Participants must be able to invert as a minimum prerequisite for this workshop: the workshop is ideal for those learning to handspring or those or are trying to lift their handspring from up the pole – Workshop duration: 1hr 30mins

The Show Must Go On…
This workshop is designed to build on confidence and character. I present to you a magical hat – and in that hat is a character you have to bring to life! Strange: odd and compelling this workshop will have you screaming and shouting literally while you combine a variety of movements on and off the pole together. Bring along some extra tops/jackets: sunglasses: scarfs: handkerchiefs and a fan…

Prerequisites: A sense of humour – Workshop duration 1hr 30mins

Madness with Miriam
Create: learn and Adapt to new and old moves. This workshop will feature a variety of tricks: spins: transitions: poses and drops: its got it all! Learn to fly before you can walk! This is an advanced workshop and individuals must be comfortable with leg grips and hangs.

Prerequisites: Minimum shoulder mount from floor and must be able to air invert smoothly – Workshop Duration 1hr 15mins

Must Be The Music…
Dancing enables a fantastic feeling of freedom: so let’s dig it out freestyle! The workshop comprises different types of music with simplistic movements. You will work on and off the pole: learning to join your pole-floor movements together and back again.

Prerequisites: Any Level – Workshop duration: 1hr 15mins.

Spin Away
This session is all about the spins! Link your spins together and learn how to enter: execute and exit them all in style. Discover simple new twists and turns to some of your favourites and even learn some brand new ones along the way.

Prerequisites: you can be any level to attend this workshop however advise that you are familiar with basic spins and have attended pole classes for more than 6 months. – Duration: 1hr 15mins

So the moves are looking great but what happens after that? With Miriam’s experience teaching it’s the one thing students can get lazy with: if you let them that is! And here is not the case: dismounts can be equally as fun as the rest of the movements. This class aims not only to make your dismounts smooth and seamless but it’s also designed to show correct alignment and technique. Prerequisites: participants must be able to invert competently – Duration: 1hr 15mins

All of the above workshops are at a cost of £50 per head: a 10% discount is available for groups of 5 people or more – no more than 15 people are permitted in the workshop at one time.

A 50% deposit is required 2 weeks prior to the workshop to secure the selected date: the remaining fee may be cleared nearer or on the workshop date.

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